Medicaid Expansion Drinking Game


Today found the members of the House Health & Human Services committee finally decided to hear testimony on HB249, the Healthy Montana bill. Before starting, the committee chair was completely confounded by the electronic controls that would allow him to limit testimony to three minutes or less. As his befuddlement continued to the point of pain, the rest of the committee either rolled their eyes or prayed for a miracle that would give him guidance to the timing switch.

That miracle did not happen. Most miracles don’t, as you know.

An inauspicious start to the hearing is almost expected, given the staggering amount of idiocy and animosity that has, so far, prevailed over this discussion. It will be interesting to see what the opponents come up with this time. Our drinking game with the following rules:

  • Paperwork – 1 shot
  • Death Panel – 2 shots
  • Substandard care – 1 shot
  • Obamacare – 3 shots
  • Too Expensive – 1 shot

We could easily add in so many more but our livers, while nearly super-human in ability, may have limits even if we’ve never managed to reach them before. We feel we might tonight.

We’ll be drinking a fine Whistling Andy Four Grain Bourbon, neat. Join us, won’t you?

—E.C. Bourbon