That Rocky Mountain High

When reviewing the staggering compost pile of insanity that has been put forth by the Tea Partiers of the Montana Legislature, one could easily be confused as to their actual end goal. One imagines them snorting powdered lines of small government off the backs of Koch-provided hookers as they concoct the unbelievable tragedies that the legislative staff is then force to organize into the bills that are, as of today, still breathing. As when finding a rabid wombat in your knicker drawer, putting these drafts out of their misery would be best for all concerned.

1880 WhiskeyFollowed immediately by a shot of 1889 Whiskey from the fine folks Bozeman Distillery. Maybe three.

Particularly disturbing is how much of this crazy is centered in one senator, Jennifer Fielder. Her disturbing list of bills, which includes attempts at making an agent of the state take primacy over a federal agent, attempts to overrule federal law, attempts to take federal lands into state control (and no matter what she thinks, that’s the first step in making those same federal lands available to sale to her overlords and masters),  attempts to require the state to intervene in federal matters, and the list goes on and on and on. Her particular crazy is unmuffled and unmitigated by her supposed bonfires or her ability to teach people of all ages to ski.

While leaving no doubt that she left both Washington and Colorado barely in front of the pitchfork-and-torch-weilding mobs, we have come to the only viable conclusion about Senator Fielder: she’s being presented by the GOP as a distraction-slash-comparison, so that the rest of their psychopathy appears normal and acceptable.

She’s doing a spectacular job of it. Brava to you, Senator Fielder.

—E.C. Bourbon